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In Bavaria there is a saying, that goes:
If a girl whistles, the Mother of God is crying.
As a child I always was wondering about it,
but once I ´ve met her and she told me the truth:
She is crying for happiness and joy,
that we live in a decade
where girls are allowed to whistle
and ladies can play an electro guitar...!

Who's Maly and what is making that music?

Maly is actually Ms. Maly, who came in the early 90s from Regensburg to Frankfurt to play with The Slags, which then was an All Girl Indie Rock Band that Sony Music promoted as the German Riot Girrrrl! group. Young and wild she agreed to the deal and became in a way THE Riot Girl guitarist of Germany...

Late in the 90s, once a young noisy girl, a grownup woman was born. Her band was history and from the ashes of the Slags emerged Lava 303, a Goa / Psychedelic Trance Act with Groovebox and guitar with a clear psychedelic, emancipatory message: "Be your own live-act! Over the years she became a much welcomed guest at parties around the globe, traveling from India via the Balkans to Canada and back ....

By the way she started the side project Lover 303 with Guru Guru drummer Mani Neumeier, founded the Playground Association and is active in the Frankfurt Underground Scene.

Playing music for children and refugees, Ms. Maly discovered her voice as a new instrument and started to write lyrics and songs, which also influenced the last Lava 303 Album Goddess Rules (2011)

With her music project Maly macht Musik /Maly Makes Musik, produced again in her home recording studio in Frankfurt, she is separating now the new song material from her dance tracks à la Lava 303.

Ms. Maly sings about the things that moved her live, such as the GEZ executor (German TV doorstep brigade), campers in the park & bankers in the city, daily dramas in the house project, voluntary and involuntary migration, female desire and whatelse kept her busy...

Mrs. Maly's songwriter skills and productions matured over the years like fine wine and music emerged that touches the soul, makes the heart dance and the feet bobbing to the beat.

Maly Macht Musik (Solo & Band)
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