"Lava 303 and Conni have created a truly original work that should be checked out by everyone who likes their music full of strange vibes, twists and unexpected turns.."

Hello my international friends...!

Finally I ve got a virtual HOME, presenting my various music projects, from electronic to acoustic, from Rock to Party to Kindergarden Music...!

Maly Makes Music (Maly Macht Musik)
Lava 303 www.acidrocknroll.org
Lover 303
The Slags ...
Jamsession Projects (I love it!)
Kids Music


About me, music and life...

My name is Conni Maly and  I am doing music, or lets say even better, music & movement.Music is moving people, its connecting, its inspiring.
Music is communication and goes across and beyond borders of people, countries, nations...
Music creates connections between human beings and something that is a bigger
place, where we all are connected with each other, where we are One...
For me it‘s na important possibilty to deal with my life-experiences, a kind of therapie, a lfestyle.
My studio is the little cave, where I can retire from the world and just be with myself and be on the flow...

Music and Movement by the way  is a typical German expression and generally it means that somebody is making music for children, so they can move, dance and express themselves freely.
I take  music equipment to different kindergardens in Franfurt, where I play acoustic music for kids from all over the world.

I‘m also involved in music and movement in a cultural /social-activist way:
Since the wild 90s I play live-acts with Lava /Lover 303 on Goa-/Technoparties, Festivals and for social movements. 
That‘s nice and I like to mix music and movement.

My family is from Eastern Bavaria and Bohemia, that‘s why my surname is „Maly“ which means little in Czek. I grew up in Regensburg, at the edge of the iron curtain: with German children‘s songs, Carl Orff, church music, Bavarian folkmusic and that kind of stuff...
I started to play E- guitar, as a way to deal with teenage love sickness and to protest against the system, to break out of the golden cage of a dutiful daugther, and of course to become rich and famous...! So after I finished school, I got hired by the All girl rock Band „ The Slags“ in Frankfurt, who had a record deal with a major company. It was the time of  riot-girl movement and girls started to stand up and play rock music by themselves, being sick of just being a musician´s girlfriend or groupie. We recorded some CDs and played lots of gigs but finally we kicked the Sony Music and joined an Independent label, because we didn‘t want them to tell us, how we should sound and look like....

In 1996 our singer left the band. On our last tour we got invited to the Love Parade in Berlin. That was the beginning of  my party time. I loved dancing and feeling free and I went  searching for sound and rythms. As techno in Frankfurt has been already very commercialised at that time I  joined the underground scene, which was Psychedelic Trance, Progressive House and Drum n Bass.

I started to experiment with Atari, Samplers and the I bought an MC 303 and started to play live-acts at Underground and Goaparties. It was a protest against contracts of the music business and it was free of Gema and any kind of contracts..Later it was a way to connect with people & places, to go travelling and to play outside of Germany at parties or in the middle of the war...

Pride Zagreb

So by origin Lava 303 is a real independent music project and thats how I try to organise myself.  I cooperate with different labels but I m having my own Label Platform which is Playground Productions.
With Lava 303 I found my own style of doing music and playing electro guitar , and I can play Solo live-acts as well as with Lava 303 BandProject. I have a sideproject Lover 303 with Mani Neumeier the drummer of Guru Guru, which is a free improvisation project....
Since 1999 I  produced various Compilations and CDs (Playground, Crossing Bridges, Lava 303, Lover 303...) which you can find in my Discographie.

In  2007 I started with children/kindergarden music projects, to have some regular income and to be close to my 2 kids.  It´s a usefull multiethnical work and good inspiration.
There I found my voice as an new instrument, which also influences my music productions and led to new projects such as Conni Acoustic and Maly Makes Music.
Since 2015 I am working as musician in several refugee shelters around Frankfurt. I just love this kind of musical exchange and crossing bridges experience. I learnt a lot about oriental and african sounds and rythms, which leads me to the roots of Psychedelic, Rock n Roll & Techno...

Conni Acoustic

I am multi-instrumentalist: playing Bass, Drums, Synthies, Korg Electribe, Microkorg, Mc 303 working with Cubase and music software.
Besides of my music jobs I love to hang out in my studio, working on new ideas, BUT also I love to have gigs at nice events and play my Gibson and my Marshall loud!

Lava 303 became lately kind of Bandprojects, espcially for the Festivals, supported by my friends playing bass, gutars, fire and light show (Member, Tanzlicht K, Chris...).

And now I am happy about my new CD Maly Makes Music and a new Bandproject...!

So finally: Germany is good  for living, drinking, drugs, party, poetry, philosophy, critical social theorie , radical ideas and depression... I definetly need to get out of here regularly, to escape this reality, to recover and find new inspiration...
That´s why I m happy about international bookings, to cross the borders and have some cultural exchange...!

Lets come together right now...! (My first song on the Electro Guitar by The Beatles)

Contact & Booking: booking@theplayground.de

Lover 303